Memory is linked to artifact

Turtling on the Charles by Dave Britz (You can’t tell
from this picture, but this print was created by
making a form, then inking it and pressing it
into a piece of heavy paper creating an embossed texture.)

 I’ve recently discovered that my memories are disappearing. This isn’t a medical condition. It simply is the case that no matter how awesome an experience is, eventually my memory of it fades and all I am left with is the boring present.

For example, the other day I was throwing out my archives from Business School. Throwing things out is painful for me. So painful that I was considering dumping all the records wholesale without going through them first. At the last minute, my wife convinced me otherwise and I started going through the stuff page by page.

While hunting, I found a work of art that was created for me with great time and effort by a friend from Business School. It’s a picture of a sailboat turtling on the charles.

I realized that the memory of the print, which is very special to me would have been entirely lost without the physical artifact. The memories would be intact, of course, but with no catalyst to activate them, they would never be used again.

I was suddenly saddened by the knowledge that tons and tons and tons of my experiences are essentially lost and trapped with no way to rescue them.

So, I have resolved to create a new artifact. The quarterly report. I will write something quarterly in this journal that will serve as a record of important memories so that they can be preserved.

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