Like God, I Have Created Man

Kaya Rose in Chair
The big news in this quarter is the birth of my first child: Kaya Rose.  It’s been about two months since her birth and I am starting to love her dearly already.  As of today, she has developed a single redeeming quality: she smiles.  It sounds like a small offering, but warning, this is not just any smile.  It is the smile of innocence.  She has no personal agenda.  Her smile is big and pure.  Getting one is like being hit with a love laser!

I have also learned a valuable lesson that I am ashamed to admit I didn’t understand already. The amount of love in the world is not finite. Actually, I should say, the amount of love in MY world is not finite.  Let’s assume that I am primarily concerned with the love that is available to me. You might expect that I would be worried that the addition of a family member would mean that the allotment of love that I get from my wife would now be split between me and the new member. Well it is. And that might seem like a loss, and it is worrisome.  But there is another quantity that I didn’t consider. The new family member is also capable of generating love. So now instead of one source of love, I have two!  My love allotment hasn’t diminished, it has been redistributed.  Now I have a love portfolio.  For those of you with economics training, you’ll understand that like many things, love is subject to diminishing marginal returns.  All this is to say two loves are better than one.

So maybe it is that I have actually learned what a family really is.  It’s a love portfolio.  When I think of it that way, it makes me want to have another child.

(Bonus points to the first one who figures out who I am quoting in the title.)

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  1. I fixed the date. Thx. I'm not accepting your guesses because you're just listing shows that I quote a lot. The game is still on!

  2. I'm going to guess either the Daily Show or 30 Rock. And she was born on July 29, not 19th. But don't worry, your love allotment didn't change due to this mistake. Also, I entered your email on your form because I didn't want to give it mine.

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