I am thankful for my team…

The Testive Team:
Tom, Facundo, Lee, JP, Arjun, David, Miro

Happy Thanksgiving. I want to begin by thanking Miro for the idea to create this wonderful tradition. That is, committing to writing the things we are thankful for in our team. I understand that it actually comes from Don McLagan, our current board observer. Great idea.

Let’s see, other than food, sex, and booze. I’m also thankful for…

Our latest addition to the team, David, is fun and whimsical. In fact, David actually increases the whimsicality of Lee, and together they have become a two-headed, singing duo. David, I’m thankful that you have the guts to sing acapella on Skype.

David’s roommate, Lee, was actually the first person we ever hired for realz. Lee, thankyou for taking a chance on us. I hope you find it’s paying off. We often talk about how lucky we were to find you and we wonder what it will take to “find another lee”. You have a passion for learning and you’re always so receptive to coaching. It’s a really important quality.

Arjun is a bowl of firey hot passion. His title changes weekly, but he has a license to compel. (Compel people to visit SAT Habit, that is.) For those who don’t know, Arjun got his job at Testive by writing a cold email! The email has become legend. I’m thankful that you have the magic touch on ad copy Arjun, and that you have chosen to use your powers for good.

Facundo is a spicey Argentinian. (I suspect that he doesn’t like it when I say that.) My wife is jealous that I have a man crush on him. Thanks to facundo, I have a finer taste for Aesthetics, I dress differently, eat differently, use different tools, go to the gym more, and understand more code. It’s been a wonderful relationship so far. Facundo, I’m thankful that you have really made Testive your own.

Miro, is the closest thing that I have to a business marriage. We went through business school together, tech-stars together, and made The MBA Show together. He’s an emotional rock. Other than my wife, he’s the only person in the world who can explain why I’m acting a certain why when I don’t even understand it myself. Miro invested in TheRealTomRose before Testive even existed, and if he were the only thing I got from my time at MIT, it would still have been worth it. Miro, thank you for being an excel god. Thank you for understanding people the way you do. Thank you for keeping me going when I need a pick-me-up.

Thank you all. Truly yours,

(p.s. I have purposefully waited to read Miro’s note until after writing this one so that I could be pre-forgiven for some of the duplicate thankfulness that I’m sure will come up. We have a great team going here. I love coming to work and the more people are there, the more enjoyable it becomes.)

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  1. We love you too, Tom.

    Working with you and getting to know you has introduced me to a completely different. You have a mind-boggling breadth of knowledge and the power to articulate arguments only an MBA could posses. It's always fascinating to hear you rant about the world, whether it's about marketing, UX or incarceration. More often than not, I adopt your views.

    At the end of the day though, you're the teacher on the team. I've learned so much from you over the past few months and have learned an incredible amount lot about engaging with people and different ways of transferring knowledge.

    I can be an annoying brat at times and don't know much about anything, but it's really awesome that you choose to put up with me anyway. Thank you.

    PS. You got me hooked on 30 Rock and you're funny as hell. More kudos!

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