5 Hot Trends in Ed-Tech

50% of high school students have access to an iOS device

(1) Mobile

According to Mark Kasdorf, 50% of High School students currently have access to an iOS device.  You know how?  iPod touch.  I didn’t even know ANYONE had an iPod touch.  Holy crap, *I’m* out of touch.  If your app isn’t mobile, but targets anyone learning, that stat should freak you out.

(2) Snackability

Snackability is the idea of interacting with software in many small bites, instead of marathon sessions.  Think of Farmville by Zynga.  You use it for 5 minutes, three times a day instead of 15 minutes, once a day, or an hour once a week.  More and more students are demanding snackability because it’s the only thing that fits in their crazy schedules.

(3) Games

Why would I use something boring, when I could use something fun?  Good question.  The usability of ed-tech software is going up so quickly these days that users are starting to expect learning to be fun!  Adding game dynamics to applications is practically a requirement these days.

(4) Analytics

As interaction with ed software moves online, so does valuable data.  That data can suddenly be used to create actionable data-driven insights for improving learning.  If your app isn’t proving some form of analytics, you’re likely either not capturing data, or leaving data opportunities on the table.

(5) DIY

For a long time, qualified teachers were a bottle neck in learning.  For the first time, low-cost, high quality content is starting to become ubiquitously available such that students are able to start directing themselves to achieve their goals.  Value is moving away from content and toward platforms that curate that content well.

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